Miyuki Spacer Beads

Miyuki recently released their much anticipated Spacer beads in three different sizes and over thirty colors. Spacer beads may be tiny, but they will add a new element to your stringing and weaving projects. Spacer beads are made with the same high quality craftsmanship that all Miyuki beads are known for, resulting in a consistent narrow shape. Available in many finishes, it's easy to find the right Spacer beads for your project.

The mini triangle Spacer beads (SPTR) measure 2.8 x 1.3mm. Their rounded points have a playful feel. Add them at the end of a headpin or beaded fringe for extra texture. Some patterns call for a mini round spacer but that can be replaced with a triangle spacer for a more angular finish.

The mini round Spacer beads (SPR22) measure 2.2 x 1 mm. These little rounds are about half the height of an 11/0 seed bead and have a slightly larger hole which is perfect for multiple passes of thread or C-Lon cord. These tiny rounds are the smallest spacer in the collection.

The regular round Spacer beads (SPR3) measure 3 x 1.3 mm. Just a bigger version of the mini round, these disc-shaped beads form a perfect ‘O’. These beads have a generous hole size making them perfect for multiple thread passes or thicker cords. Try doubling them up in a pattern or offsetting them in a stitch.

Check out our projects using Miyuki spacer beads:

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