3.4mm Drop Beads (DP)

Miyuki Drop beads (DP) and fancy color-lined Drops (DPF) are teardrop shaped beads that hang from their narrowed tip. The rounded bottom end catches light and creates a glowing effect at any angle. Measuring 3mm x 3.4mm with a hole size of .65mm, they are the largest of Miyuki's Drop beads. There are approximately 18 Drop beads per gram and 15 per inch.

Miyuki Drop beads are perfect for adding texture to beadwoven projects including Spiral and Peyote stitch. When strung side by side Drop beads will sit in opposite directions, creating an alternating pattern. The rounded shape of the Drop adds volume when incorporated into a Kumihimo braid. Drop beads make an embroidered edge more dramatic and add a dash of whimsy to embellished fringe.

Miyuki DP and DPF beads come in over 170 beautiful colors. The dazzling finishes include metallic, luster, Picasso and opaque. Fancy drop beads (DPF) have a color-lined center hole that is beautifully magnified by the transparent bulb of the outer bead. With their voluminous shape, these shimmering droplets add depth and dimension to any piece.

Free projects with Drop beads:

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