Miyuki 10/0 Cut Twisted Beads

Miyuki 10 Cut Twisted beads (10C-TW) are hexagonally cut, twisted tube beads which measure 2.2mm x 2.2mm with a .9mm hole size. They are comparable in size to a 10/0 seed bead or 10/0 Delica (DBM). There are approximately seventy beads per gram and 11 beads per inch.

10C-TW beads are versatile enough to be used in almost any design from bead weaving projects to necklaces, bracelets and earrings. The .9mm hole size allows for multiple passes of thread, such as C-Lon size D (CLBD) and Micro cord (CLMC), or Miyuki thread (MNT). Ladder stitch and Herringbone stitch accentuate the delicate twist and fine edges of the 10C-TW beads as illustrated in our Seagrass Bracelet .

String some 10 Cut Twisted beads on C-Flex beading wire for a more linear affect that catches light. Add dimension by using multiple strands. With addition of accent beads like Swarovski or Czech crystal or precious metal spacer beads, the 10C-TW beads take on an added sophistication and elegance. 10C-TW are available in over 25 colors and a variety of finishes from rich matte metallics to vibrant transparents.

Free projects with 10C-TW:

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