Long Drop Beads

Miyuki Long Drop Beads

Miyuki Long Drop beads (LDP) are a more elongated version of a traditional Drop bead. Resembling a top-drilled grain of rice, they can be used in place of larger daggers or smaller drops. They can look vine-like or floral, organic or geometric. Each LDP measures 3mm x 5.5mm with a hole size of .8mm. There are approximately thirteen beads per gram and fourteen beads per inch.

Metallic iris Miyuki Long Drop beads

The slender and graceful silhouette of the LDP lends itself nicely to Kumihimo braiding, and Russian or Cellini spiral stitch. The beads extend outward from the spiral, catching the light and adding texture. LDP beads are ideal for use in fringe adding just the right weight and swing. When strung side by side the LDP beads will sit in opposite directions, creating an alternating pattern.

There are over 35 colors available in the LDP collection. Matte metallic, frosted aurora borealis, and shiny color-lined are just a few of the eye catching finishes. These versatile beads are another way to add a little something extra when creating your own designs, or adapting projects to best suit your style.

Miyuki Long Drop Beads

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