C-Flex Beading Wire

C-flex beading wire is made in the USA exclusively for Caravan Beads. Besides being great quality, we love to sell products that are domestically manufactured. As a small business, we know how wonderful it is to keep manufacturing jobs in the United States.
C-Flex Beading Wire

Every single size of our beading wire contains a 49-strand wire core (7 bundles of 7 strands). We tested out many different kinds of wire, and we found that it is absolutely worth paying a little bit extra in order to have a high-quality flexible wire that will last a very long time. Other manufacturers offer a 7-strand wire which doesn't hold up as well, and can make your finished jewelry look bent or kinked.

C-flex beading wire is covered with nylon in three color choices: clear, black or bronze. The clear color is actually a silver-grey, as the 49 strands of metal show through the transparent nylon coating.

C-flex beading wire is available in .012, .015 and .018 inch diameter. The most popular size is the .015 medium width, which easily fits most seed beads, glass beads, and other beads with an average hole size. C-Flex Beading Wire with seed beads

The .012 is great for semi-precious beads and freshwater pearls, or any other bead with a small hole. The .018 is heavier and stronger, best for heavy beads that need to be reinforced for durability.

We recommend crimping the ends of the beading wire, as tying a knot can cause the wire to fatigue - in much the same way that a paper clip will break if you bend it back and forth a bunch of times. In our retail store we teach our customers to crimp using a small 2 x 2mm sterling crimp tube and flat nose pliers. If you prefer, you can also use special crimping pliers to create a "u"-shaped crimped end.

C-Flex with crimps

Try these projects using C-Flex beading wire:

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