Bugle Beads

I love bugle beads! This special bead shape may be one of the most versatile beads we offer. Miyuki bugle beads are narrow tubes of cut glass which are available in a cylindrical or twisted shape. Bugles are ALWAYS longer than they are thick and they're perfect for adding a cool effect to bead weaving, stringing, and embroidery. Because each bugle is longer than a seed bead, the same designs can take much less time to create. They string up fast!

Loose bugle beads

Try them as spacers or as fringe on both earrings and necklaces. The motion of the fringe adds an attractive movement to any design. They're not just fun to wear, they add vibrancy and personality to your work. By adding them to a Russian spiral you'll get edge, dimension, as well as beauty.

Russian Spiral Necklace with bugles

Try adding a seed bead to the end of each bugle when stringing or weaving. Bugles are formed by cutting one continuous rod of glass called a cane. The edges of these beads can sometimes be a bit sharp and may wear out your thread over time. By adding a seed bead to each end, you'll add style and avoid any potential wear and tear troubles down the road. Choose C-Flex beading wire for stringing projects and ensure your creation lasts for many years. With beading wire you won't need a seed bead spacer but seed bead spacers help the beads flow and create a much smoother look. As your style evolves, bugles evolve with you. Fun and funky or elegant and glamorous, these classic beads adapt to your style needs.

Regal Caterpillar Bracelet and Scalloped Brick Stitch Bracelet

Bugle beads became popular in the 1920's and were often stitched directly onto clothing and purses or edged on dresses. I love the vintage feel these beads add. Create a modern twist with a flapper style using the shape that is perfect for dancing and sashaying at work or at play! I like to think Flappers actually got their name because of the way the beads would flap on their dresses.

Bugle Bead Fringe Necklace

The bugles come in an array of beautiful colors and finishes. As with regular seed beads there are both matte and shiny, silverlined or aurora borealis. BGL1 beads measure 3mm in length while BGL2 beads measure 6mm. They are thin and narrow. Twisted bugles add texture as they have a twisted hexagon shaped cut to their edges. They are larger than the cylinder shape and come in three sizes. TW206 beads are 6mm, TW2012 beads are 12mm. Both of these twisted bugles measure 2mm in width. Also available are the larger TW2712 beads which measure 12mm long but are 2.7mm in thickness. They create the most impact.

Try this project using bugle beads:

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