8/0 Delica Beads (DBL)

Miyuki 8/0 Delica beads (DBL) measure 2.5 x 2.5mm, making them the largest of the four sizes of Delicas. DBL beads are uniform tube-shaped beads with precisely cut flat ends. They are available as a smooth or hexagonal cut cylinder (DBLC). DBL beads have a generous hole size of 1.5mm, which easily accommodates thicker stringing materials like Greek leather and C-Lon cord. There are approximately 30 beads per gram and 9 beads per inch.

DBL beads are ideal for a variety of projects from stringing to beaded beads. Just like their smaller counterparts, DBL beads can be used in a multitude of weaving techniques. When woven in Peyote or Square Stitch, DBL beads will remain flexible and work up quickly into a bold cuff bracelet. With their flat ends DBL beads fit snugly together, creating smooth rows of vibrant color.

Miyuki 8/0 Delicas are available in over 120 dazzling colors. The finishes include: transparent, matte, metallic, opaque, aurora borealis and more! The metallic beads, both matte and shiny, are a great substitute for metal spacers in any stringing project. Their larger size truly shows off the beautiful Miyuki colors.

Free projects with 8/0 Delica Beads

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