2.8mm Drop Beads (DP28)

Miyuki Drop beads are a dewdrop shaped bead with the hole at the narrow tip of the bead. The rounded bottom end catches light and creates a glowing effect at any angle. The 2.8mm Drop beads (DP28) are the smallest of three sizes of drop beads produced by Miyuki. Measuring 2.8mm x 2mm, these small drop beads are used to add fine detail in fringe, bead weaving and stringing.

DP28 beads are often used as surface embellishment in bead embroidery. DP28s are also frequently included in more complex designs using spiral stitch and picot lace techniques. Drop beads can be the focal or connecting point in a netting stitch, as well as in the finished ends of an earring.

Using a needle and C-Lon thread, try these petite drops along with small Japanese seed beads to create a circular or tubular stitched piece, or make a simple flower-like shape for a pendant or earring. DP28s have a hole size of .6mm, making it easy for thread to pass through the hole multiple times when stitching or beadweaving. There are approximately 36 beads per gram and 10 to 17 beads per inch, depending on how they are strung for the project.

The shape of DP28 drops are what gives them versatility in stitching and fringe work. When drop beads are strung tightly together on C-Flex beading wire, the beads alternate, creating a zig-zag or staggered placement. 2.8mm drop beads come in over thirty colors and finishes, such as gold luster, rainbow and aurora borealis.

Try these 2.8mm Drop bead projects:

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