2.7 x 12mm Twisted Bugles

Give your jewelry designs a modern twist with Miyuki 2.7 x 12mm Twisted Bugle Beads (TW2712). Twisted Bugle beads are hexagonal canes of glass with precisely cut edges. TW2712 beads are the same length as Miyuki 2 x 12mm Twisted Bugle Beads (TW2012) but slightly thicker. The TW2712 beads have a hole size of 1mm, approximately 9 beads per gram, and measure about two beads per inch.

TW2712 beads are easy to use in bead embroidery, ladder stitch, and are an excellent choice for weaving projects, both on and off loom. The height and shape of the TW2712 provide structural support for creating original designs. The TW2712 beads also add wonderful texture and often embellish fashion pieces and accessories. In the 1920s bugles were commonly used for fringe on flapper dresses and handbags. Today TW2712 beads are often used in fringe on brick stitched earrings.

There are forty eye-catching colors and finishes available, including frosted aurora borealis, metallic, transparent and silver lined. The six concave and curving surfaces catch and reflect light while accentuating their rich colors.

Free Projects with TW2712:

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