Triangle Beads

Miyuki triangle beads are ideal for creating looks with a bit of whimsy, charm, and individuality. These seed beads are triangular with rounded corners (unlike our Miyuki sharp triangles which have sharper edges). Triangle seed beads catch the light in a way that round beads do not, and have a lovely bumpy texture and shimmer when you string them or weave them together.

When you combine triangle beads, light accentuates the shape of the rounded edge. The matte finish triangles have an old-fashioned cobblestone effect while shiny triangle beads create their own bubbly patterns when stitched together. Fun beads to work with, triangle beads are more visually interesting than your basic seed bead and create lovely texture in all kinds of projects. Notice the difference between the softer regular triangle beads, and the sharp triangles (STR) as shown below:

Miyuki triangle beads are manufactured with a commitment to quality and durability in a wide range of colors. Whether you are looking for bright and bold, rich jewel tones, or pale pastels, you are sure to find the perfect color for your next project. Miyuki triangle beads come in 3 sizes; 5/0 triangle beads (TR5), 8/0 triangle beads (TR8), and 10/0 triangle beads (TR10). Triangle seed beads give your designs a more earthy and natural feeling than round seed beads.

Catch the light and show off your knitting patterns with 5/0 Miyuki triangle seed beads. Our largest and chunkiest triangle is popular with knitters and beaders alike, as they are versatile and have an inner hole diameter of 1.8mm. They will generally fit over most yarns so that you can add some much needed sparkle to your projects. Hats and cobweb-style scarves are elevated when you add in sparkling triangle beads. Try using a big-eye needle to thread them onto your yarn with ease - the entire center of the needle is an eye and pulls apart to accommodate yarn or thicker cords.

Whatever your project, the size 8/0 triangle beads are a useful bridge size between larger and smaller seed beads. Size 8 triangle beads are the Goldilocks of triangle seed beads. Less chunky than the 5/0s and only a little bigger than the 10/0s, the 8/0 triangles are versatile and look amazing when mixed with other seed beads. Their size makes them ideal for adding in a bit of shimmer as light hits their three sides. Also a good choice for edging your bead embroidered projects, the triangle shape helps them fit closer together like tiny bricks.

Our most petite 10/0 triangle bead is great for those who prefer working with smaller beads. Choose size 10 triangle beads when you want a more intricate look, they take a little longer to stitch up but the extra effort is well worth it. They have a slight pebbled effect when stitched together and add lovely texture to stringing projects.

Try these triangle bead projects:

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