Tila Beads

Miyuki Tila Beads (TL) are flat, two-holed glass squares. One side of the Tila is slightly domed, while the opposite side is flat. They measure 5mm x 5mm x 1.9mm with .8mm parallel holes, making them the largest of the three sizes of Tila beads. Tila beads have a uniform shape which helps them stack up into layers or rows. Combine Tila beads with other seed beads to create an array of designs and patterns.

Using a variety of stitching techniques Tila beads can create intricate tile patterns and geometric designs. Their two-holed structure makes the Tila Bead ideal for connecting multiple strands in a stringing project. Tila beads are also wonderful additions to leather-wrap bracelet projects. The large size and surface area of the Tila bead makes it especially comfortable to wear, with a smooth and luxurious feel on the wrist.

Miyuki Tila Beads are available in over 150 striking colors. The finishes include: silk satin, picasso, matte opaque, transparent, matte metallic, metal plated, and aurora borealis. The uniquely large surface area of the Tila bead showcases the variety of colors and finishes like no other bead.

Free Projects with Tila beads

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