Swarovski Crystal Pearls

Swarovski crystal pearls lend themselves to a graceful and elegant beauty. They have a brilliance and mysterious glow which appears to be radiating from within the pearl itself. Swarovski crystal pearls feature a signature one-of-a-kind coating over a luminous crystal core designed to GLOW (I swear they add a little glow-from-within to my face too!)

Swarovski pearl strands in warm tones

Wearing crystal pearls can take your jeans and tee from blah to ta-dah! in a snap. Throw on your crystal pearls and turn the sidewalk into the red carpet. They have an air of understated elegance and come in a wide variety of colors and sizes that are sure to inspire your creativity. Their pearlescent coating is similar to a natural pearl luster and the variety of colors are simply gorgeous.

Jewel tone Swarovski crystal pearls

The crystal pearls come in an array of sizes from 4mm to 12mm rounds.

Swarovski pearls in size assortment

Try mixing different shades for a gradient effect, or graduate the sizes for a vintage-inspired look. The larger 12mm pearls have a very playful feel and our newer neon colors are perfect for adding a pop of color!

Jewelry featuring Swarovski crystal pearls

These pearls have a realistic weight and will warm to your skin like natural pearls, making them a delight to wear. They are resistant to fading, perspiration, cosmetics, and perfume. Strength AND beauty are both important in design.

Swarovski pearls in stitched necklace

Not only will they be in style for YEARS to come, they will last. Swarovski crystal pearls are both pretty and practical. They might not be your grandmother's pearls but I'm pretty sure she'd approve! See more on Pinterest

Swarovski pearls in purple and pink colors

Try these projects using swarovski pearls:

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