Sharp Triangle Beads

Sharp Triangle beads (STR) have a more defined, finely tapered and irregular edge than the original triangle beads. These glass triangles have a slightly natural, organic feel making them great for traditional beadwork projects and bringing a structural, three-dimensional element to the project. Sharp Triangle beads have three pointed corners and flat surfaces. The flat surfaces on each side of the bead allows them to nestle together tightly in stitching or stringing projects.

Miyuki produced the Sharp Triangle beads in three sizes: STR5, STR8 and STR10. Each size comes in ten deep, rich colors which makes it easy to mix and match the different sizes or have a monochromatic color palette. Shop here for Sharp Triangle Beads. Miyuki is also offering ideas and patterns on their website.

sharp triangle bead necklacesharp triangle braided necklace

STR10 Sharp Triangle beads are the smallest of the three sizes, measuring 2.1mm x 2.1mm with a generous hole size of .8mm. The hole diameter allows for a needle and thread to pass through multiple times in a stitching or bead weaving project. There are approximately 85 beads per gram and 12 beads per inch. Combine gunmetal STR10s with copper and metallic forest green 11/0 seed beads, flat semi-precious stones and freshwater pearls to create a rustic bead-embroidered cuff with a mystical flare.

STR8 Sharp Triangle beads bridge the smallest and largest sizes in the collection. STR8s measure 2.6mm x 2.6mm with a large hole diameter of 1mm. This allows thicker stringing materials, such as C-Lon cord, to be passed through. There are approximately 49 beads per gram and 10 beads per inch. Sharp Triangles can be utilized in several different techniques, such as Brick, Peyote, Square and Herringbone stitches. Use Herringbone stitch to make a beaded tube with a combination of 8/0 seed beads, crystal bicones and STR8s. String the tube onto a heavy wheat chain to create a bold statement piece.

STR5 Sharp Triangle beads are the largest in the collection. Size 5 Sharp Triangles measure 4.2mm x 4.2mm. The large surfaces of these triangles easily capture and reflect light making them an eye catching addition to a piece. STR5s have a generous hole size of 1.3mm which allows even thicker materials, such as 1.2mm Greek leather and C-Lon cord, to be passed through with ease. When used in a Peyote stitch, the pointed corners lend a three-dimensional texture to the piece. There are approximately 12 beads per gram and 7 beads per inch.

Sharp Triangle beads can be used when making edging on a bead embroidered piece as they fit together beautifully. The slight irregularity of STRs tends to hide unevenness along the edge, as seen in this bracelet. Any of the 3 sizes of STRs, alone or in combination, are a perfect choice to create intricate detail in a bead design.

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