Sharon Herrick

Sharon Herrick officially launched her company Illuminated Me in 2016. She spent many years engaged in social change efforts, working as an advocate for both elder justice and refugee healthcare.

Sharon Herrick's Cambria Collection

Illuminated Me Magdalene Cuff

Sharon learned to string and weave beads, finding herself deeply satisfied by the meditative process that helped her to alleviate stress. Sharon was encouraged by family and friends to start selling her jewelry.

Illuminated Me jewelry

Sharon began to formulate a plan for how she could apply her skills and her passion for social change to build a business around the hobby she had grown to love. Her company Illuminated Me combines her love for creating beautiful, meaningful jewelry with her passion for improving her community, its economy, and the lives of its residents.

Sharon Herrick at work

Sharon says "There's a lot that inspires me and shows up in my studio space: fine art, street art, natural forms, spirituality. I try to ground all the pieces I make in something bigger than me."

Illuminated Me North Bohemia Bracelet

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Illuminated Me by Sharon Herrick

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