Museum of Beadwork

Mother Earth by Linda H. Perry, Grand Prize winner of the 2nd International Miyuki Delica Challenge

The Museum of Beadwork is the collaborative vision of Heather Kahn and Kristina Skillin. We are hard at work establishing an exhibition area for beaded artwork, as well as forming an artistic community and providing a center of learning. Our intention is to showcase beaded artwork by housing and displaying the finest examples of beaded jewelry, clothing, sculpture, accessories, and tapestries as well as the work of contemporary artists.

We are currently in the process of building the conceptual and physical space for a new museum in Portland, Maine. With your help, the Museum of Beadwork will open its doors early in 2021. Caravan Beads currently provides solar powered electricity, rent and utilities, as well as staffing and other startup costs associated with founding the Museum of Beadwork. In the future, many of these costs will be assumed by the non-profit 501c3 of the Museum of Beadwork.

Steampunk MP3 Player by Heather Kahn

Our ongoing exhibitions will present information on beadwork styles from all over the globe, the historic development of beads throughout human history, highlights of modern bead making processes, as well as an extensive representations of beadwork. The museum will also have a classroom area with an exciting array of workshops, classes, and events.

Please take a moment to visit the Museum of Beadwork website and join the museum mailing list, so you can be among the first to hear about new beading competitions, exhibits, and our progress as we bring the museum to life.

Tibetian Beaded Neckpiece - Early 21st Century

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