Multi Strand Necklace with Triangle Beads

Multi strand necklaces are a great way to use all of those leftover seed beads you've got hanging around. Picking a color scheme and then varying the shape of the beads helps to add texture and interest. Mix triangle beads with your other seed beads to give each strand has its own unique texture. The rounded edges of the triangles catch the light and complement all the other shapes.

Multi Strand Seed Bead Necklace with Triangle Beads

For this necklace we've selected different sized triangles, magatamas, drops, and seed beads in multiple sizes.

TR5-1138: Miyuki 5/0 Triangle Sparkle Lilac Lined Crystal Aurora Borealis - 1 tube
TR5-1832: Miyuki 5/0 Triangle Sparkle Magenta Lined Amethyst Aurora Borealis - 1 tube
TR8-1835: Miyuki 8/0 Triangle Dark Violet Lined Amethyst - 1 tube
TR8-24F: Miyuki 8/0 Triangle Matte Silver-lined Amethyst - 1 tube
TR10-1138: Miyuki 10/0 Triangle Sparkle Lilac Lined Crystal Aurora Borealis - 1 tube
MA4-2157: Miyuki 4mm Magatama Transparent Lilac Aurora Borealis - 1 tube
BB-1531: Sparkle Purple Lined Crystal Miyuki Berry Bead - 1 tube
15-4489: 15/0 Duracoat Opaque Dark Orchid Miyuki Seed Bead - 1 tube
15-356: 15/0 Purple Lined Amethyst Aurora Borealis Miyuki Seed Bead - 1 tube
11-4248: 11/0 Duracoat Silver-lined Dyed Dark Lilac Miyuki Seed Bead - 1 tube
11-4278: 11/0 Duracoat Silver-lined Dyed Orchid Miyuki Seed Bead - 1 tube
11-356: 11/0 Purple Lined Amethyst Aurora Borealis Miyuki Seed Bead - 1 tube
11-574: 11/0 Dyed Lilac Silver-lined Alabaster Miyuki Seed Bead - 1 tube
11-256: 11/0 Transparent Smoky Amethyst Aurora Borealis Miyuki Seed Bead
8-4489: 8/0 Duracoat Opaque Dark Orchid Miyuki Seed Bead - 1 tube
DBC-0923: Sparkle Amethyst Lined Crystal Cut 11/0 Miyuki Delica Bead - 1 tube
CF012.30 CLR: C-Flex Beading Wire .012 Clear 49 Strand Spool
190-310-S: Sterling Crimp Tubes 1x1mm - 20 pieces
192-525: Cord End Cap - 2 pcs
WR-22-SP: Silver Plated 22 ga. Wire
520-052: Xuron Micro Shear Flush Cutter
520-055: Xuron Tweezer Nose Pliers
AX-0003: Glitter Line Round Nose Pliers

Multi strand necklace purple tubes

For this necklace you will string together beads of different shapes. We recommend our thinnest C-Flex beading wire (.012) which is perfect for fitting through the tiny size 15 seed beads. Once you've selected your colors, you'll also need a set of cones, crimps and a clasp set. Select a craft wire that matches the clasp and cones.

Multi strand necklace materials

You will cut 10 or more lengths of beading wire that are 6 inches longer than your desired necklace length. Put a piece of tape on the end of each one. As you finish each strand you will tape off the completed end to keep the beads in place until you are ready to crimp. For this style we cut two feet for each strand of beading wire.

Multi strand necklace beading wire

Set all of your seed beads and shaped beads in a tray or organizer so they are all accessible. String each strand in a different pattern focusing on spacing out the shaped beads. Each strand should be slightly (or very) different but all strands should be the same length.

Multi strand necklace bead materials

Once all the strands are completed and you are happy with the end result, you will want to make two matching wrapped loops with craft wire (these will be pulled into the cones later.)

Multi strand necklace instructions

Lay all strands out with your 'loop pins' at each side. Next take your time to securely crimp each strand to the loop at each end.

For illustrated crimping instructions visit our page on crimping techniques.

Multi strand necklace directions

Once you're strands are all connected to the loops you'll pull your 'loop pins' up through the cones hiding all of the crimps.

Multi strand necklace tutorial

Lastly, make a wrapped loop with the wire sticking out of each cone. Attach your clasp either directly to the wire or by using a jump ring. Try adding an accent bead to the tops of your cones for a little added style.

Multi strand necklace steps

Multi strand necklace finished