5mm Swarovski Bicones

There are gemstones, there are crystals, and then there are Swarovski crystals. Known for their sparkling brilliance, Swarovski crystal beads have been a celebrated favorite for more than 100 years. In 1895, Daniel Swarovski revolutionized the production of crystal and the machinery used to make it. His unique formula for leaded glass is used for many different products from optics and lighting, to clothing, jewelry, and collectables.

Swarovski Crystal Necklace

Swarovski crystal is the best and most beautiful leaded glass in the world. Swarovski's continued commitment to quality is what has made them a leader in their industry for over a century. These crystals are a go-to favorite for many luxury brands and designers. Known for quality, constant innovation, and great brilliance, these crystals have long been a fashion staple adorning the likes of Marlene Dietrich and Marilyn Monroe.

Bird of Paradise Earrings

Swarovski’s 5mm bicone crystals are the perfect size for adding a pop of color and lots of dazzling sparkle to your beading projects. Just large enough to allow additional passes of thread, you will find that projects which are difficult to complete with 4mm bicones are much easier with 5mm bicone crystals.

Swarovski Crystal Hoop Earrings

The bicone shape has many facets to catch and reflect the light creating an alluring twinkle. Like a little diamond, bicone shaped crystals are infused with light and seem to illuminate whatever they touch. Available in a wide array of exquisite colors, the 5mm bicone crystals are a must-have for any beader’s stash.

Swarovski Crystal Cascade Necklaces

Be sure to check out some of our FREE projects featuring the 5mm Swarovski bicones or make up some designs of your own.

Swarovski Crystal Bicones

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