Berry Beads

Miyuki Berry Beads (BB) measure 2.5mm x 4.5mm with a hole size of .8mm. Berry Beads are comprised of two rounded ends with a hole through their narrowed center. There are about 22 Berry Beads per gram and approximately 12 beads per inch. When strung these bone shaped beads will nest together and interlock. Berry Beads add texture and interest to both strung and woven projects.

Miyuki Berry Beads are ideal for a wide variety of projects including stringing, weaving, and embroidery. Clustered between seed beads their berry shape glows as it catches the light. For a structured look and fluid feel try weaving Berry beads into a bracelet using right angle weave, peyote or herringbone stitch.

Miyuki Berry Beads are available in over 50 colors. They are offered in a variety of finishes including matte, shiny, metallic, and ceylon. The color-lined BB have a subtle beauty, featuring color that seems to be floating inside a pinched droplet. Add texture and dimension to any project with these distinctive beads.

Free Projects with Berry beads: