6/0 Seed Beads

Miyuki 6/0 seed beads are large glass beads suited for knitting, stringing on thin length of leather, or any project requiring a large spacer bead. They are known for their wide range of beautiful colors and finishes. 6/0 seed beads are perfect for children and beginners, as they are easy to pick up and have larger holes. 6/0 seed beads measure 4mm x 3mm with a hole size of 1.3mm. There are approximately 12 beads per gram and 8 beads per inch.

6/0 seed beads are the most popular large size of seed beads produced by Miyuki. Their larger hole of 1.3mm makes them a preferred size for use in knitting and crocheting projects. 6/0 seed beads will fit most sport and DK weight yarns. Try using them within the body of the work, as edging, or make a knitting design pop with the addition of beautiful Miyuki colors.

Use 6/0s in a leather wrap bracelet to highlight one of the Picasso finish styles. String multiple strands of different colors and braid them together to create a focal point on a larger scale necklace. Add 6/0 seed beads to a bead embroidery project for a broad accent of color while adding scale and size variation to the piece.

Miyuki 6/0 seed beads are available in over 500 colors and finishes making it easy to find a shade suited to each project. Their larger surface area makes it easy to see the color variations of each finish; silver-lined beads sparkle more clearly and AB rainbow finishes have a broader canvas with larger seed bead sizes.

Free projects with 6/0 seed beads:

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