5/0 Seed Beads (E)

Size 5/0 beads, also known as E beads, are the largest glass seed beads produced by Miyuki. Measuring 5x4mm, with a hole diameter of 1.6mm, they are easy to hold and string. There are approximately 7 beads per gram and 7 beads per inch. The size and shape of Miyuki 5/0 seed beads (E) also make them great for children and beginners.

E beads are perfect for knitting, and string easily onto most worsted or finer weight yarns. They add texture, color and shine to any fiber project. E beads slide effortlessly onto leather cord, creating the perfect Boho look. They are an excellent choice for a macrame bracelet strung on hemp or nylon cord. E beads work well for bead weaving projects, such as Peyote and Brick Stitch. When paired with various sizes of seed beads they create a graduated fan or wave pattern. The size of Miyuki E beads allows them stand out as accent beads when used in a simple stringing project.

The Miyuki E beads are available in over 50 glorious colors. Their range of finishes include: Rococo, matte transparent, silver lined, Baroque, opaque, and more! Their large size and gracefully curving surface showcase the vibrant colors and unique finishes of the E bead collection.

Free projects with E beads:

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