3mm Square Beads (SB3)

Miyuki 3mm Square beads (SB3) are the medium size in the Square bead collection, measuring 3x3mm. With their block like shape and soft edges, the Miyuki Square beads fit snugly together when woven. SB3 beads have a relatively large hole size (1.3mm) that makes them ideal for multiple passes of thread. There are 21 SB3 beads per gram and 9 beads per inch. While the Square beads are fairly uniform in shape, they have slight variations that give your designs an element of handcrafted beauty.

Miyuki 3mm Square beads are perfect for bead weaving, especially when creating patterns and shapes. Eye catching on their own, Square beads can act as a solid foundation, easily embellished with other beads. The medium size allows the 3mm Square beads to be used for more delicate projects such as loom weaving or fringe. When woven in Peyote or Square stitch, SB3 beads will remain flexible and work up quickly into a bold cuff bracelet. When stringing square beads on C-Flex or stitching into a leather wrap bracelet, a small seed bead spacer will ensure flexibility and create interesting contrast.

Miyuki 3mm Square beads come in an amazing selection of over 90 colors. The wide array of finishes include: transparent, matte metallic, color lined, opaque, frosted, and metal plated. This extensive palette will provide the perfect bead for any design. Try the 3mm Square bead in your next creation or check out some of our free project ideas on the blog.

Free Projects with 3mm Square beads:

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