3mm Spacer Beads (SPR3)

Miyuki continues to develop precision-shaped seed beads, and the trio of Spacer beads will be a lovely addition to your collection. 3mm Spacer beads (SPR3) are the largest in the collection and the most popular size of spacer beads produced by Miyuki. Spacer beads are made with the same craftsmanship that all Miyuki beads are known for, this bead made in a narrow disk shape.

With approximately sixty-five beads per gram and twenty beads per inch in every tube, 3mm spacers can be utilized in creative ways such as partnering with jump rings to create a chainmail effect. Pairing 3mm spacers with other shaped beads gives contrast to stringing projects and shows off as a spotlight of shine and color. When using the SPR3s in a stringing project, spacer beads can also be partnered with round beads, creating a setting or double-ended bead cap.

3mm spacer beads measure 3mm x 1.3mm with a generous hole size of 1.3mm, making them easy to use on any stringing material, including a thin length of leather cording. The hole size allows the creator to make multiple passes through with Miyuki thread in a stitching or beadweaving project. Using Miyuki thread and a needle, 3mm spacers can be used to create a framework or border to Bugle beads in a brick stitch, or a base to be stacked upon on a bead embroidered piece. When strung alone on C-Flex beading wire, it gives the bracelet or necklace definition and texture.

This Miyuki spacer bead is unique, because of its narrow width and uniform size. When stacked one on top of the other, it gives the look of a slightly off-set or shifting coil. The SPR3 is available in over thirty colors and finishes, from radiant and glossy metal tones to matte earthy colors.

Free projects with SPR3:

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