3mm Bugle Beads (BGL1)

Traditional Bugle beads are a slender, cylindrical cane of glass popularly known for their use in bead embroidery and detailing on evening bags and dresses. Bugles are proportionally longer than they are thick. The shortest Miyuki bugle bead is the BGL1 which measures 1.5mm wide x 3mm long. There are approximately 83 beads per gram and 8 per inch.

BGL1s are an excellent addition to bead weaving projects. Their hole size is .7mm which allows the needle and thread to pass through the bugle bead multiple times. BGL1s will add a flare of color when stitched between Magatama beads in bead embroidery earrings. The 3mm bugles are also lovely when used to create a fan motif or leaf-like pattern. The short length of the 3mm Bugle is perfect for creating intricate detail.

BGL1s are often used in techniques such as beaded fringe, Russian spiral and right-angle weave. Using 3mm Bugles with Russian spiral stitch will add dimension and a defined edge to this sophisticated technique. They can be stitched flat or on end with a 11/0 glass seed bead on a garment or dress to create a bold statement.

When stitched into a mosaic, multiple colors of BGL1s can be arranged in a staggered pattern to create a gradual flow of color. Combine bugle beads with other seed beads in a dangle earring or in the fringe of a pendant to create length and movement. There are over ninety colors and finishes of 3mm bugles, from glossy neon and vibrant transparent to matte rainbow and aurora borealis.

Try this 3mm Bugle bead project:

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