2 x 6mm Twisted Bugle Beads (TW206)

Twisted Bugles are a modern and ornamental version of traditional bugle beads. They are narrow, hexagonally cut, glass tubes with six dramatic edges and curving surfaces. Twisted bugles are made by turning and pulling molten glass into a long rod which is then cut to the precise length. Proportionally, Twisted Bugles are longer than they are thick to maintain the elongated tube shape.

TW206 Twisted Bugle beads measure 2mm x 6mm. They are the smallest size produced by Miyuki. TW206s have a generous hole size of .8mm which allows for multiple passes with a needle and thread. There are approximately 31 beads per gram and 4 beads per inch. Try using this versatile size with other seed beads to create a sculptural mosaic.

The colors and finishes of the TW206s range from rich matte metallic to glossy pastel to an opaque palette of rainbow colors. Alternate matte metallic bronze twisted bugles with 11/0 seafoam green seed beads on C-Flex beading wire for a multi-stranded statement necklace with a spotlight of color.

Twisted bugles can be strung on C-Flex beading wire as spacers to create visual length in a necklace or bracelet. Use TW206s to give a beaded embroidery piece texture. They are especially eye catching in netting and fringe where the long, spiral facets capture and reflect light. Add vibrant color with the over 30 colors and finishes available. TW206 bugles can be stitched into floral patterns, stacked and woven with other beads into 3 dimensional structures, or strung alone in strands.

Twisted Bugle Tropical Wave Earrings

Free projects with TW206:

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