2.2mm Spacer Beads (SPR22)

Spacer beads have been made, worn and traded in almost every culture in the world. Spacer or Heishi beads have evolved from being handmade from natural substances, such as shell and bone, into glass which is blown into long rods, and cut and polished.

SPR22 spacer beads are the smallest and second most popular of the three sizes of Miyuki spacers. The size of this spacer makes them versatile and easy to use in multiple strand and bead embroidery designs. SPR22s are small and delicate enough to string with freshwater pearls and semi-precious stone rounds. Stringing them with beads of other shapes creates flexibility and accentuates the color and shine.

Miyuki spacer beads are unique for their rounded edges and small, flat disk shape. Because of their shape, they can fit tightly between any glass bead and are easily stackable when stitched into a bead embroidered piece. When using 15/0 Miyuki seed beads to stack on top of a SPR22, it creates height to any bead embroidered cuff or earring.

Spacer beads are half the size of a Miyuki seed bead, measuring 2.2mm x 1mm with a hole size of 1mm. There are approximately 130 beads per gram and 26 beads per inch. Because of the larger hole size, SPR22’s can be be strung on thicker gauge material, such as elastic and C-Lon cord. The 1mm hole allows for multiple passes of thread when used in stitching projects and beadweaving. Nestled between LDPs and DP28 drop beads, SPR22s show off as a stripe of contrast. The beautiful palette of neutrals, metallics and earthy tones will give any project that added detail to bring the project together.

Try these 2.2mm Spacer bead projects:

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