15/0 Seed Beads

Glass beads have played a major role in cultures across the world for a millennium. They have been included in rituals and religious ceremonies when incorporated into woven shrouds and sacred items, artwork and sculpture, clothing, jewelry and accessories. Originally known as a round rocaille (or R.R.), these beads have even been used as trade for food, goods, and even land.

Miyuki 15/0 seed beads are a high quality, consistently uniform glass bead. They are small and delicate with a rounded surface and soft ends. 15/0s are the smallest round rocaille bead produced by Miyuki, measuring 1.5mm x 1.3mm with a hole size of .7mm. Include one or more of the other 50 colors of the hexagonal cut 15/0s (15C) to add a radiant shimmer to your bead project.

The tiny size of 15/0 seed beads makes it perfect for projects that require elaborate detail. This size seed bead can be used with all bead weaving techniques both on and off loom. Add detail to a bead embroidery design by weaving 15/0s through the holes of larger beads to create depth and complexity. Seed beads can be strung on C-Flex beading wire alone as a stackable necklace, or with other glass beads to create a small spotlight of shine and color in a statement piece. There are approximately 26 beads per inch and 250 beads per gram.

Because they lend themselves to such intricacy in a beading project, the color palette for the Miyuki 15/0s is extensive. This allows for shading, blending, and gradation. There are over 600 colors and finishes available, ranging from bright opaque rainbow colors to vibrant metallics and soft pearlescent tones. Combine 15/0 bronze seed beads with bronze and patina iris half tilas to make an elegant cuff. Use 15/0s in a sculptural piece for precise color detail and structural forming. 15/0 seed beads are the perfect choice when a bead design calls for the finest of detail.

Free Projects with 15/0 seed beads:

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