15/0 Cut Seed Beads

Size 15 cut seed beads (15C) by Miyuki add just the right amount of shine to your beading projects. The 15 cuts (also known as hex or hexagon cut beads) have a unique 6-sided shape that catches the light and draws the eye in the most beautiful way.

15/0 Cut Miyuki Seed Beads

Size 15/0s are the smallest of the seed bead sizes that we carry, and the 15 cuts have the largest color selection of Miyuki's cut seed beads. They take a little extra time to string because of their petite size, but trust us they're worth it! Like many devoted beaders, our love of super tiny beads is a strong one. Stringing them requires a little patience and commitment, but the payoff is a look that is sophisticated and well worth the extra effort.

15/0 Cut Miyuki Seed Bead tassels

The beads are so very small and delicate that the colors seem to melt into one another just like the rich hues of a sunset or the sparkles of the ocean on a summer's day. You just can't get the same effect with larger beads.

15/0 Cut stitch examples

The cuts have a slightly more cylindrical appearance than the round seed beads, making them slightly longer than they are wide. This also enhances the sparkle by giving each bead a longer surface area. They're available in shiny translucent, metallic, and shimmering opaques.

15/0 Cut Miyuki seed bead Ombre Necklaces

15 cut seed beads measure just 1.5mm long with a hole size of .40mm. We recommend stringing them on the size .012 C-Flex beading wire or using the size AA C-Lon beading thread for bead-weaving with multiple passes of thread.

15/0 Cut Miyuki Seed Bead closeup

15s are the preferred bead for creating a shimmering surface. We all love a little extra sparkle when it comes to the jewelry we wear and the shine of the 15 cuts add elegance rather than bling. Strung together in a multi-strand necklace or bracelet, the beads deliver a soft radiance that regular round beads just can not.

15/0 Cut Miyuki Seed Bead Earrings

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