11/0 Seed Beads

Glass beads have been produced, traded, and utilized for several centuries and for many uses. These beads have been included in projects from simple necklaces and bracelets to being woven into intricately detailed tapestries and ceremonial articles of clothing. Originally constructed from natural sources, indigenous cultures would use small tube beads in peyote stitch and quillwork for headdresses and breastplates, and even the detailing of tools used in rituals.

Miyuki size 11/0 seed beads are the most popular size of round rocaille produced. These beads are small, high quality, and uniform with a rounded outer surface and soft, seamless ends. 11/0s measure 2mm x 1mm with a generous hole diameter of 1mm. The hole size allows multiple passes with a needle and thread as well as a thicker C-Lon cord. There are approximately 110 beads per gram and 19 beads per inch. 11/0 seed beads are also available in a hexagonal cut style (11C).

The color quality and consistency makes 11/0 seed beads a favorite. They are used in bead embroidery, loom weaving, and bead weaving stitch techniques such as peyote, spiral and brick stitch. They are also a perfect choice for a picot lace design, edging, and netting. Try two opaque colors from the 11/0 color palette and string on C-Flex beading wire to create offset blocks of color in a multi-stranded necklace. Stitch 11/0 seed beads with 15/0s to create a dimensional element in a bead embroidered pendant or cuff.

There are over 600 colors and finishes ranging from opaque rainbow to metallic and deep earth tones. Combine finishes to create a elegant depth to a beaded tapestry. Add the brightness of silver lined beads to the softness of a pearlescent finish or make a bold statement with the popular Duracoat galvanized metallics. 11/0 seed beads are versatile and easy to incorporate into any beading project.

Free Projects with 11/0 Seed Beads:

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