10/0 Triangle Beads (TR10)

Miyuki size 10/0 Triangle beads (TR10) are three sided beads with softly rounded corners. The smallest of Miyuki's three sizes of triangle beads, the TR10 measures 2mm x 2.5mm with a hole size of .9mm. There are approximately 52 beads per gram and 12 per inch.

TR10 beads can be used in a variety of beadweaving techniques including: peyote, brick, spiral and herringbone stitch. When strung with other beads, the triangular shape of the TR10 adds texture and shimmer as light hits their three sides. Size 10/0 Triangle beads are ideal for edging embroidery projects, Kumihimo braiding, and even micro macrame.

The TR10 beads are available in over 130 vibrant colors. Color-lined, sparkling, matte silverlined, Aurora Borealis, and matte metallic are just a few of the beautiful finishes available. The slightly concave surfaces of the TR10 reflect light and accentuate color making any project eye-catching.

Free Projects with TR10:

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