Wrapped Loop Instructions

Wrapped loops are very strong and are perfect for earrings, linked chains, and attaching cones.

Wrapped Loop Instructions

Start with one headpin and two accent beads. You will need two flat nose pliers, one round nose pliers, and one wire cutter.

Wrapped Loop Earring Instructions

Stack the beads on the headpin.

Wire wrapped loop earrings

With flat nose pliers, hold just above the bead and press the wire over with your finger to form a 90° angle.

Wrapped loop earring instructions

With round nose pliers, lightly grip the wire at the angle.

Wire wrapped loop instructions

With your fingers, press the wire over the top nose of the round pliers until the wire has formed half of the loop.

Wire wrapped loop techniques

To complete the loop, rotate the pliers 180° so the top nose is now at the bottom and the bottom is now on top.

Wrapped loop earring instruction

Example of the round nose pliers after changing position.

Wire wrapped loop instructions

Wrap the wire down and around the bottom nose of the round nose pliers until it is perpendicular to the beads.

Wrapped loop instructions

Remove the round nose pliers from the loop.

Wire wrapped loop instructions

Using flat nose pliers, grip across the loop to help keep the shape while completing the wrapped loop.

Wrapped Loop Tutorial

Using a second pair of flat nose pliers, slowly wrap the wire around itself.

Wire wrapped loop tutorial

Continue wrapping until you have reached the bead.

Wire wrapped loop

Using wire cutters, trim the wire.

Earring wire wrapped loops

Switch back to the flat nose pliers and gently tap the tail into place, being careful not to chip the bead.

Wire wrapped tutorial

Open the earwire loop by using flat nose pliers and twisting the loop to the side. This helps keep the shape of the loop.

Wire wrapped instructions

Attach the wrapped loop by sliding it onto the earwire.

Wrapped Loop Instructions

Close the earwire loop with flat nose pliers, being careful not to change the shape of the loop.

DIY Wrapped Loop Earring Instructions

Free wrapped loop projects: