Texture with Fancy Drops

Miyuki Fancy Drop Peyote Stitch Bracelet

Miyuki’s color-lined fancy drops give this bracelet a cool optical effect – as you turn your wrist the color appears to change because the angle of the light hits the bead at a different place. Try your own version and admire the effect!

Miyuki Fancy Drop Peyote Stitch Bracelet


193-104: Japanese Thin Beading Needles
CLBD-TQB: C-Lon Turquoise Blue Size D
DPF-31: Miyuki 3-4mm Drop Bead Mint Green Lined Sapphire 1-2 tubes
(fancy drops are color-lined with contrasting colors to the rest of the drop)
11-271: 11/0 Lt Mint Green Lined Crystal AB Miyuki Seed Bead - 1 tube
1 clasp or snap

Fancy Drop Peyote Stitch Bracelet

You will be working in Peyote stitch for this project. If you haven't worked in it before or need a refresher on how to begin, check out our page on peyote stitch for instructions.

Step 1- Start flat peyote stitch with twelve 11/0 seed beads. Each following row you will add 6 beads.

Step 2- Begin randomly inserting the drops to create a textured surface. Continue until bracelet reaches desired length.

Step 3 – This bracelet is clasped using a snap sewn onto a tiny leather tab. It makes the closure point nearly invisible. Using a button or regular clasp would also work fine.

Fancy Drop Peyote Stitch Bracelet on wrist

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