String-me-along Project bags

I love to bring my projects everywhere. Whether it's on vacation, craft night at a friends, or just downstairs and out of the studio: the string-me-along bags are portable and make it easy to stay organized when working on multiple designs. String-Me-Along unrolls to a large work surface made of velveteen so your beads and other small supplies don’t roll away.

String-Me-Along Bag in use

It includes a clear, removable Project Exchange Bag that snaps in to hold your crafting supplies. The system rolls up and is secured with a strong elastic band for travel. String me along bags are perfect for beading, quilting or embroidering on the go!

String-Me-Along closed project bag

For multiple projects I like to carry my Extra Project Exchange Bags. They are sold separately in packs of two so you can keep all your different projects organized; when you’re on the move, choose the one you want, snap it in and go!

String-Me-Along project exchange bags

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