Miyuki Cut Beads

We all love a bit of extra sparkle when it comes to our jewelry. Whether you're making jewelry for everyday or a special occasion, 'cut' or 'hex' beads will add an extra pop of sparkle as they catch the light and draw the eye. They're shiny without being over-the-top, and are some of our favorite beads to incorporate into stitched projects.

Miyuki cut beads

Hex (or hexagon) cut beads have 6 cut sides, giving them extra dimension and texture. The cut edges catch the light beautifully. Strung together in a multi-strand necklace or bracelet, the twinkling of these beads are reminiscent of the sun reflecting on the ocean -- full of glimmer and beautifully fluid!

Different sizes of Miyuki cut beads

Incorporate them into your bead weaving by mixing them with smooth beads in the same shade or use a contrasting pop of color. We especially love the cut metallic beads for this. Bright gold or silver cut beads paired with smooth contrasting color or rich jewel-toned cuts paired with a darker smooth bead for an elegant look.

Cut beads in right angle weave necklaces

Cut beads are close to the same size as seed beads, however, the ends and sides are squared off creating a more tubular appearance. The shape and large hole size of the hex cuts make them ideal for bead weaving and multiple passes of beading thread, such as C-Lon or Miyuki thread.

Stitched projects with Miyuki cut beads

They can be used in place of a regular seed bead or delica. So if your pattern calls for size 11/0 seed beads, try using the 11 cut seed beads instead for a little oomph! Despite their size, these tiny beads pack a huge punch of sparkle and style.

Hex cut beads are available in petite 15/0 cut seed beads (15C), slightly larger 11/0 cut seed beads (11C), and medium 8/0 cut seed beads. Cut Miyuki Delicas are made in all four sizes of Delica bead: 15/0 cut small Delica beads (DBSC), 11/0 cut Delica beads (DBC), 10/0 cut medium Delica beads (DBMC), and 8/0 cut large Delica beads (DBLC).

Cut beads in bracelets

Delica beads are cylindrical in shape while seed beads have a rounded edge. When cut, the round seed beads appear to be more cylindrical as well. Try using hex cut beads in your next project, these little beauties are great for weaving or stringing.

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