LightView Led Magnifying Lamp: 2-in-1

We were offered a chance to review the LightView Pro 2-in-1 LED magnifying lamp by Brightech. Full disclosure, they sent us a free lamp! I had previously purchased a small clip style magnifying lamp from them so I was excited to try this bigger, more powerful version.

I received my lamp neatly packed in one box. It came in a total of three pieces. You can use it either as a floor lamp or a shorter table top lamp. If you want the shorter version simply leave out the pole and connect the magnifier section directly to the base.

The lamp comes with an instruction sheet and I found it very easy to assemble. One of my favorite features is the supported metal base; it makes it virtually impossible to tip or knock the lamp over.

I decided to use the pole and have a floor style lamp (my work table is cluttered enough already). Once the pole is in the base simply tighten the fixing screw to secure.

At the top of the pole, use the second fixing screw to attach magnifierlamp and it's ready to go.

The top of the lamp has a large magnifying glass that can be covered when not in use. The on/off switch is also located at the top of the lamp.

Another great feature of this lamp is the brightness and temperature controls. Simply tap on the up or down arrow to adjust how bright or dim you want the light. The red arrows adjust the temperature. I love this because I usually prefer a warm light when I bead and I've never had the option to adjust it before.

Of course I had lots of assistance from Sammy while I assembled and tested my new lamp.

Here is a view of the beads I was working with through the magnifier lamp. I can see myself using this lamp a lot in the future to save myself from eye strain. I love using this lamp at work and I really want one for home too! You can find this lamp and many more at

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