Domino Pendant Macrame Necklace

two domino pendants


1 Domino Pendant
Miyuki Drop Beads - 2 tubes
C-lon Bead Cord - 1 spool
2 cord ends
2 jump rings
1 S clasp

Step 1 – Cut one 5' length of bead cord and one 20' length of bead cord, fold them in half and make an overhand knot at the center so you have four cords to work with (2 short and 2 long)

Step 2 – Make the short cords the center and the long cords the exterior. Add a drop bead to each exterior cord, and pass the right cord over the center two and under the left, tuck the left cord under the center two and up over the right, then pull snug.

Step 3 – Repeat this spiral pattern until the middle is reached, then add the Domino Pendant over all four cords and continue with the spiral macrame to the end.

Step 4 – Knot the end and crimp the cord ends on each end. Attach the clasp with the jump rings.

domino pendant detail

Jocelyn Kahn of Caravan Beads hand-colors, stamps, paints, decorates and finishes real domino game pieces. She sells them at several bead and clothing stores. For more information you can email her at cbeads_retail @