Blackberry Drop Bead Earrings

Blackberry Drop Bead Earrings


193-104: Japanese Beading Needles
CLBD-RO: C-LON Royal Blue Size D
DP-452: Miyuki 3.4mm Drop Bead Met Dk Blue Iris
2 Flower Bead Caps
2 links of Chain
2 Earwires

Step 1 – Use right angle weave to make a small beaded bead with Miyuki drop beads. Add four drop beads to your thread, sew back through them to make a small square. Tie off your thread and cut off the tail end.

Step 2 – Add another three drop beads, sew back through the original drop bead the thread was leaving from to make a figure eight comprised of seven drop beads.

Step 3 – Sew through two drop beads so your thread is exiting a drop bead at the end of your figure eight. Add three more drop beads and sew around again so you have a series of three small squares and your thread is exiting a drop bead at the end of the series.

Step 4 – Add one drop bead and sew through the drop bead at the opposite end of the series to connect the two ends. Add a second drop bead and sew back through the bead at the first end so you have made a little beaded ball of drop beads.

Step 5 – Sew up through the silver bead cap and around the chain link a bunch of times, knotting frequently. Sew back down into your beaded bead, evening out as necessary and sew in your end and cut it off.

Step 6 – Add the earwire, and repeat for the second earring.