Seed Bead Multi-Strand Necklace

This multi-strand seed bead necklace is sure to impress. Designed by Caravan Beads very own Joan Baldwin, this is a simple project that just takes a little time and patience.

Multi-Strand Seed bead necklace

With great precision she made this necklace, stringing one strand each night until all 20 strands were finished. These are really tiny beads!

Joan modeling turquoise and gold necklace

This necklace is made with opaque turquoise green 15/0 cut seed beads (15C-412) and 24kt light gold plated size 15 cut Delica beads (DBSC-0034). It took approximately 50 grams of 15C-412 and 5 grams of DBSC-0034 to achieve an average overall length of 21" for the strands. Keep in mind that the end caps and clasp will add about 2" to the necklace (so if you are making an 18" necklace your strung beads should measure about 16" before you attach the clasp) The beads are strung on .012 C-Flex beading wire and finished off by crimping each strand individually onto one looped piece of wire. The wire is then pulled through a bead cap to hide the finishing hardware.

For illustrated crimping instructions visit our page on crimping techniques.

necklace clasp detailnecklace clasp detail

And here is Joan modeling her creation...

Joan modeling finished necklace

It looks stunning!