Paula K. Singer

My obsession with beads started in 1996, when I walked into a bead store for the first time looking for beads for a polymer clay project I was working on. I couldn't believe all the beads there were. I took a class on peyote stitch and my obsession grew from there.

beaded fish and coral sculpture

When I began to bead I became interested in loom beading. I purchased a Mirrix loom and then took a lesson from the owner of the company.

beaded turtle sculpture

I enjoy working with seed beads and take my inspiration from animals and nature. While I enjoyed doing two dimensional beadwork, I really wanted to do 3-dimensional sculptures. It took a lot of trial and error, but I finally mastered it.

beaded octopus sculpture

I am currently working on two projects, one is an under the sea 3D sculpture in peyote and brick stitch. I have made most of the pieces for this piece. I bought a decorative aquarium insert and modified and painted it. Now I just have to finish beading the base. It is approximately 12” by 18”.

beaded red tailed hawk sculpture

I am also working on a red-tailed hawk, which is beaded over a metal sculpture. I chose to do bead embroidery for this piece. I traced the shapes of the bird and then cut out cotton material for the outer layer, and layers of felt for the inside layer, backed with ultrasuede. I drew my own patterns for this piece. I hope to have it completed in the next few months.

After I complete the hawk, I plan on making a metal cat sculpture and soon after that, I hope to bead a life-size 3D owl in flight.

beaded eagle sculpture

I have won several contests from Fire Mountain Gems. As a result of winning this contest, my work has been featured on the back covers of Bead & Button magazine. I was contacted by Miyuki Beads in Japan who bought one of my pieces (Zebra) for their museum.

I haven’t taught any classes lately, but would eventually like to write some tutorials on how to do three dimensional beading.

beaded peacock sculpture

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