News: October 26th

The October Miyuki sea shipment just arrived. We'll start unpacking it soon and should have it all put away by noon Tuesday. Online inventory was updated this evening. A link to the contents is available at the bottom of the home page. I've also flagged the new items for easy searching. Just type "Oct Sea" in the search box at the upper right of the screen and the new items will show up. Photos will probably take another week depending on how busy we are.

Many customers used—and have missed—the Express Ordering feature from our old website. I'm happy to say that it will be back in about a week. I tested an almost-ready version a few days ago and it was very speedy, but needed a few more tweaks which will be coded this week.

When viewing orders in the shopping cart, it is now possible to sort by Item Number or other field headers. Just click on the field header and look for the little triangle.

We've been slowly repackaging our Swarovski beads into smaller packs and adding them to the website. 8mm bicones are next and should be visible in a couple of days.


Hi Everyone! Here I am in the packing room keeping a close eye on the Caravan staff. They don't fool around too much, especially when I'm on duty!



PS If I lived in Europe, I'd weigh 10.39 kgs. Cool!

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