Sherri Stokey

Sherri Stokey is an admitted jewelry junkie with a slightly obsessive personality, not to mention a bit of a perfectionist. Both can be great qualities in a working artist. She’s married and has two grown children and one adorable grandson. Sherri creates jewelry pieces using macramé techniques, knotting small cords, seed beads and other decorative embellishments into wearable pieces of art (sometimes called micro macrame). She started knotting in the 1970s when plant hangers and owls were all the rage, then picked it up again about seven years ago and hasn't stopped since. Frustrated by the lack of patterns available for micro macrame, she began creating her own designs, then ventured into tutorials and online classes.

With a history of exploring arts and crafts going all the way back to her childhood when she "helped" in her grandmother's ceramic shop, Sherri has a varied background. She has tried her hand at many different mediums including cross-stitch, cake decorating, candle making and stained glass. She’s self-taught and has branched out into other areas of jewelry making like bead embroidery and bead weaving, but macramé knotting is her favorite. It's her mission to bring macrame into the 21st century and her dream to make it all the rage again!

Sherri's finished jewelry pieces can be found in her Etsy shop (, along with tutorials and kits for do-it-yourselfers.

blue and gold macramé bracelet

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